Our Promise

Curated and custom eyewear for the Minneapolis professional.

Since 1935

We have a belief that is held deep, everyone deserves impeccable, professionally styled eyewear. It’s the fashion statement that you wear daily. And we are your trusted source. We’ve been around for a while (100 years to be exact) so you know this isn’t our first rodeo. We carry high fashion, high quality eyewear from the world’s top designers.

Whether you need to correct your vision, block out the sun or do both, our experienced opticians will make sure you do it in style.

The Dream Team

Four generations. Thousands of satisfied clients. While much in the world of eyewear fashion has changed (and returned) over the last 75 years, many things remain the same at Moss Optical. We’re still a local, family-run business. We’re still sticklers about quality and lavish our clients with world-class service. We’re still a mainstay in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. We are determined to make each customer’s experience the best possible. So, stop in today!

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